Sincerely welcome to our website !

We invite all the willing people, both private persons and companies to spend their rest in our Inn.

Our farm covers an area of approximately 10 ha, through which flows a stream. Our terrain is contiguous directly to the forest and the park which is situated near a palace.


We have got at one's disposal 5 split-level rooms with a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchenette and a veranda. The area of our Inn enables to organize big outdoor parties ( e.g. anniversaries, jubilees ) as well as such parties like training and integrative meetings and also more private like a campfire or a convivial gathering at a barbecue.


A splendid land of the Landscape Park – Góra Świętej Anny ( The Mount of Saint Anne ) on which area there is placed our Inn gives many possibilities for practising any forms of recreations in the open air such as: horse riding,  horse-drawn carriage ride, sleigh ride in winter, hiking and biking ( interesting trails ) and also diving with a diving instructor.


Also we can offer you a possibility of additional  attractions ( like feasts with a band of musicians and roasting a piglet ).

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